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High frequency pcbThe increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates, and thus higher transmission frequencies. Because of short pulse rise times in electronic components, it has also become necessary for high frequency (HF) technology to view conductor widths as an electronic component.  

High Frequency PCB are widely used in wireless networks, wireless communications and satellite communications, in particular the popularity of 4G,5G networks exacerbate the market demand for the product on the HF PCB. For some special high-frequency PCB materials ( such as: Teflon PCB material, Rogers PCB materials were ), we have sufficient inventory.

General specification for High Frequency pcb

Layer count: 1-6
Board thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
Copper thickness: 0.5-3oz
Dielectric Constant(DK): 2.2-10.3
Min trace width/spacing: 4/4mil
Min drill hole size: 0.15mm2L Telfon PCB Manufacturer China
Surface treatment: HASL,  HASL Lead free, Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, etc.
Material available: Teflon pcb material, Rogers pcb material, Taconic pcb material, Arlon pcb material, etc.

1. Double-sided Telfon PCB 

2-layer Teflon PCB with High-frequency for Communication


2. Double-sided Rogers pcb   

Rogers High Frequency PCB factory ChinaHigh Frequency Rogers PCB
Rogers 4003 Material PCB
Technical discription: Layer: 2
Material: Rogers 4003
Board thickness: 1.57mm
Surface finish: Immersion Gold
Cooper thickness: 1 Oz
Solder mask: Green
For telecommunication


3. Multilayer RF PCB

China Telecom PCB factory4 layers RF PCB 
Material: Ro4350B+FR4 hybrid
Board thickness:1.6mm
Immersion gold surface finished
Min.Width/Space: 0.152mm/0.175mm
Min. holes: 0.3mm
Application: Telecommunication


4. Microwave PCB  

China Microwave PCB factory8 layers Microwave PCB with Rogers material
Material: Ro4350B+FR4 hybrid
Board thickness:1.2mm
Immersion gold surface finished
Min. holes: 0.3mm
Feature: Counter-bore slot,
Micro-strip lines in L4 are exposed,
Layer registration < 1.5 mil
Application: Military