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  • Printed circuit boards are one of the most significant inventions of the last 100 years. Virtually every electronic device these days contains at least one PCB. You may have a basic understanding of what a Quick turn printed circuit board is and does, but here are some fun, little-known facts about PCBs that you may not know. 

  • China PCB factory W Printed Circuit board has announced plans to repurchase as many as 30 million shares, or 9.73% of the company's outstanding shares, at between NT$18.83 (US$0.57) and NT$39.23 per share through February 22, 2016. The move is aimed at maintaining the company's credit and shareholder equity, Wus said.


    Hitech Circuits is a high-tech China PCB Manufacturer in China, was established in 1997. We have two branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturing services, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services. As these, we can solemnly assure you, on time delivery, especially the Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 100% on time delivery.


    Heavy copper PCB


    We are located in Guangdong Province of China, in the world circuit board manufacturing center geographical advantage, coupled with many years dedicated to circuit boards manufacturing experienced technical engineers team and more than 1600 highly trained full-time employees, so we are able provide world-class circuit boards and services for the global printed circuit board Customers with the Chinese market price.


    Heavy copper PCB


    Our circuit board factories got UL, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, to ensure that we produce high-quality circuit boards and meet RoHS compliant! We continue to optimize production and management processes in order to bring down to lower management costs to our customers more high-quality and cheap circuit board products. 


    Heavy copper PCB


    We Current output can reach more than 50,000 sq.m monthly, including more than 2000 types Quick Turn PCB Prototypes. We continuously update our capabilities and equipment, in the first half of 2008 to invested 5 million U.S. dollars, including laser drilling machines and other new circuit board production equipment and a new production line.


    Heavy copper PCB


    Our market target is the High Multilayer, High Density Interconnect PCB, Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. We are able to produce Impedance Control PCB, Buried & Blind Holes PCB, up to 26-layer Printed Circuit Boards. The lower than the 26-layer printed circuit boards for us, just the normal processing. We are more interested in High Density Interconnect PCB, more than 26 multilayers PCB as well as special Printed Circuit Board material & process, such as: Heavy Copper PCB (12OZ), Aluminum base PCB, Aluminum PCB, Aluminum PCB, HDI PCB, High frequency PCB, and so on.



  • Finding just the right PCB partner is often a daunting project, especially when there are so many options available world-wide. There are so many things to consider that making the right decision can seem to be impossible, but it is something you have to do in order to achieve the results you want, which are profits for your company. 

  • Design reules for rigid flex pcb board

  • 2L Printed circuit board

    Hitech Circuits Co., Limited have been specializing in quick turn PCB prototype & small up to middle volume Rigid PCB more than 10 years, we are not only produce double sided board, multi-layer PCB prototype, small and medium-volume multi-layer PCB is also no problem. We can make up to 38 Multilayer PCB, Min. Hole Size 6mil, Min. line width/space 4mil with quick turn manufacturing service.

    Double-sided PCBs(Double-sided Printed Circuit Boards)are one step up above single-sided printed circuit boardin their complexity. Double Sided PCBs require plated through holes between top and bottom pads to provide better anchoring for soldered components. This process and the resultantboardsallow interconnections between layers through all holes. And meanwhile, most designs require soldermask front and back along with a silkscreen layer for component designators.


  • Having an exciting new design for a circuit on paper is one thing, but building a model that it will actually perform is another. The best way to find out whether an idea or concept works is to produce a prototype circuit board. This is the best way to ensure that your concept will function properly when converted into a physical printed circuit board.

    Hitechpcb Website Provides Partners & Customers with Enhanced Navigation and Easy Access to PCB Products and technology

    Shenzhen, Guangdong, June 20, 2014 – Hitech Circuits Co., Limited, a leading specialty provider of quick turn PCB products and solutions, today announced the unveiling of its new website. Hitechpcb's new website provides visitors with a more user-friendly experience through easier navigation and robust content that showcases the company's long history and expertise in the Printed Circuit Board industry. Customers, distributors and sales Reps now have easy access to Hitechpcb's comprehensive PCB product lines, which include Rigid Multilayer PCB, High density interconnect pcb, HDI board, FPC and PCB Assembly.

  • Flexible printed circuit boards consist of various electronic components that are soldered in order to form a complete circuit. However, sometimes one or more of these components may get damaged or start malfunctioning because of any technical issue. In such cases, damaged components can render the entire flex PCB of no use. To rectify this issue, you will need to desolder the malfunctioning component from the circuit board and replace it with a new one. Desoldering is not as easy process as soldering, because if you are not careful enough, you might end up causing damage to the neighboring components as well. Here we will learn about the safe techniques involved in removal of the electronic components from flexible circuit boards.

  • Multi-layer-pcb-6LMultilayer printed circuit boards (Multilayer PCBs) refer to printed circuit board has more than two copper layers, such as 4 layers PCB, 6 layers PCB, etc. Multilayer circuit boards were essential in the advancement of modern computing. Currently, we can produce up to 38 layers FR4 rigid PCB.

    The multilayer PCB basic construction and fabrication are similar to micro chip fabrication on a macro size. Multilayer pcb can be built on ceramic pcb, copper, and aluminum based pcb. Blind and buried vias are commonly produced, along with pad on via technology. More layers it is, more complex & difficult the pcb manufacturing will be, and more expensive the cost will be. The lead time of multi-layer PCB is different from normal one; please contact usfor a exact lead time.



    Heavy Copper PCB



    We are confidence in supplying PCB with good quality with reasonable price and to help you expand your business in a short time.I list our products below as your best ref . If you need any item, please do not hesitate to contact us . Our price is quote FOB or EXW:


    Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal core PCB and PCB assembly etc with finishing of HAL, lead-free HAL, flash gold, immersion gold, carbon print and entek(OSP) etc. Our PCB daily capacity reaches 50000 square meters each month. If you want to know more about us,you can visit our website:

    What's more ,we can offer you the best price with quality PCB. please send your PCB information and Gerber files to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or PCB samples to our factory, so that we will provide the best price for you.



  • Reliability experts contend that roughly 30 percent of PCBA failures are due to contamination of the bare PCB, and only an estimated 2 percent of contaminated PCBs are sent back to the fabricator for re-cleaning. This is largely because of a basic misunderstanding of the correlation between PCB contaminants and product failure.

  • If you’re not sure whether or not polyimide/polyamide PCBs may be right for you, read on to learn about the properties of these boards and how they can affect your applications.

  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process 
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    The printed circuit board manufacturing process is a difficult and complex series of operations to make a printed circuit board. Hitechpcb's years of experience in manufacturing circuit boards has made us a preferred supplier of printed circuit boards for industry leading OEM's and Electronic Contract Manufacturers since 1999.

  • An incredible changing almost everywhere may be witnessed because the concept for every little thing function has been changed completely. Today, digital appliances are not an exception connected with this changing. Right now, the digital manufacturing greatly is dependent within the quality for printed circuit board coupled with its production. By virtue of the wide use about these progressive boards in digital appliances like television, laptop cellular phones coupled with even in very small cables has persuaded renowned companies to have associated with PCB fabricationproduction.

  • Choosing the right solder paste is like buying a new car: the options can seem endless, and it's really a matter of preference.

  • PCB Electronics manufacturing is facing both challenges and opportunities in 2017. The need to control costs continues to be a priority for manufacturers, while new technologies enter the landscape providing revenue opportunities but requiring manufacturers to partner with technology solutions providers and other organizations that can supply capabilities outside of the company’s core focus.

  • The surface you choose to use on your printed circuit board factory is actually the most important decision you will make. This finish will make all the difference when it comes down to the reliability of the product, the quality, the manufacturability, and of course, the cost.

  • Are you looking for a cheap pcb, but high quality printed circuit board for your organization? You can probably find suppliers that sell cheap PCBs and promise to offer excellent quality. In truth, if you want something made to last, then you need to purchase it at a reasonable price. 

  • A solder sample is non-usable board that represents a usable PCB during test processes. It can be used to test virtually every process on the assembly line. Although many China PCB manufacturing engineers may take it for granted, this extra fab – which is identical to the usable board in every way – is essential for streamlining production, improving an assembly’s quality and dramatically impacting cost.