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Heavy Copper PCB

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    Hitech Circuits is a high-tech China PCB Manufacturer in China, was established in 1997. We have two branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturing services, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services. As these, we can solemnly assure you, on time delivery, especially the Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 100% on time delivery.


    Heavy copper PCB


    We are located in Guangdong Province of China, in the world circuit board manufacturing center geographical advantage, coupled with many years dedicated to circuit boards manufacturing experienced technical engineers team and more than 1600 highly trained full-time employees, so we are able provide world-class circuit boards and services for the global printed circuit board Customers with the Chinese market price.


    Heavy copper PCB


    Our circuit board factories got UL, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, to ensure that we produce high-quality circuit boards and meet RoHS compliant! We continue to optimize production and management processes in order to bring down to lower management costs to our customers more high-quality and cheap circuit board products. 


    Heavy copper PCB


    We Current output can reach more than 50,000 sq.m monthly, including more than 2000 types Quick Turn PCB Prototypes. We continuously update our capabilities and equipment, in the first half of 2008 to invested 5 million U.S. dollars, including laser drilling machines and other new circuit board production equipment and a new production line.


    Heavy copper PCB


    Our market target is the High Multilayer, High Density Interconnect PCB, Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. We are able to produce Impedance Control PCB, Buried & Blind Holes PCB, up to 26-layer Printed Circuit Boards. The lower than the 26-layer printed circuit boards for us, just the normal processing. We are more interested in High Density Interconnect PCB, more than 26 multilayers PCB as well as special Printed Circuit Board material & process, such as: Heavy Copper PCB (12OZ), Aluminum base PCB, Aluminum PCB, Aluminum PCB, HDI PCB, High frequency PCB, and so on.



  • Find The Best Heavy Copper PCB

    Being used in several industries, Heavy Copper PCB is one of the most popular designs which have proved to be efficient in the highest form. We are respected in the industry for building the circuit boards with traces and copper planes of up to 6 ounces over the years. Since each day the power electronics devices are increasing, thus, the growing trend in the printed circuit industry is also increasing.

  • Heavy Copper PCB

    Heavy Copper PCBDemand for heavy copper PCB in Electric automotive, computer, industrial controls, and military is growing very fast. More than 80% ofthe existing printed wiring board manufacturing is limited or not capable of producing reliable heavy copper printed circuit boards.


    The driver behind the demand of heavy copper core PCBs is ever increasing power requirements in power products and the elimination of complex wired buss configurations. Hitechpcb has been associated with heavy copper pcb plating since 2000 and we have good quality on it.



    Heavy copper PCB - General specification

    In PCB industry for thick Copper core PCB or Heavy copper PCB people generally use the name to identify a printed circuit board with copper thickness more than 3Oz in inner or outer layers and extreme heavy copper PCB refers to more than 15 Oz printed wiring board.

    Thick copper board technology offers the possibility to implement complex switches in limited space in combination with circuitry for high current levels.Multi-layer PCB has reliable processes to produce copper layer thicknesses up to 20 Oz .

    Heavy copper PCB normally used for high power rectifiers, Computer, military, Electric vehicle charging, power grid switching system, etc. 



    1. Double-sided Heavy Copper PCB

    2L Heavy Copper PCB        2L Heavy copper PCB
            Technical description: 
            Layer: 2L 
            Material: FR-4
            Board thickness: 2.8mm
            Surface finished: Immersion gold 2U"
            Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 11Oz
            Min through hole: 1.1mm
            Industrial controls





    2. 4 Layers Heavy Copper PCB Printed Circuit Board

    4L Heavy Copper PCB        4L Power Copper Core PCB
            Technical description: 
            Layer: 4L 
            Material: FR-4 Tg170
            Board thickness: 2.4mm
            Surface finished: Immersion gold
            Copper thickness: Inner layer 6 Oz, out layer, 6Oz
            Min through hole: 0.4mm
            Power grid switching system PCB





    3. 6 Layers Heavy Copper PCB Printed Circuit Board Tg150

    6L Heavy Copper PCB        6L Heavy copper core PCB
            Technical description: 
            Layer: 6L
            Material: FR-4 Tg150
            Size: 70.8*76.2mm
            Board thickness: 2.0mm
            Surface finished: Immersion gold
            Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
            Min through hole: 0.6mm
            Position control systems




    4. 6 Layers Heavy Copper PCB Printed Circuit Board from China PCB shop

            6L Heavy copper core PCB
            Technical description: 
            Layer: 6L
            Material: FR-4 Tg170℃ S1000-2
            Size: 206.78*111.70mm
            Board thickness: 2.40mm
            Surface finished: HASL 
            Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
            Min through hole: 0.50mm

    5. 8L HITG 3oz Heavy copper plated PCB for power supply

            8L Heavy copper core PCB
            Technical description: 
            Layer: 8L
            Material: FR4 EM827
            Board thickness: 1.60mm
            Surface finished: Immersion gold
            Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
            Application:tablet power supply



    6. 12 Layers Heavy Copper Printed Wiring Board from China pcb factory

    12L Heavy Copper PCB        12L heavy copper PCB printed wiring board
            Layer: 12L
            Material: FR-4 Tg170
            Thickness: 2.6mm
            Surface finished: Immersion gold
            Copper thickness: 3 Oz for all layers
            Min.line width/space: 8mil
            Min through hole: 0.3mm
            High power rectifiers        





    7. Minit_OnePhase Small board 6 Layers Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board

            Minit_OnePhase Small board 6 layers Heavy copper printed circuit board
            Material: FR4 Tg170
            Thickness: 2.8mm
            Panel size: 143.27*109.41mm
            Surface finished: Immersion Gold
            Copper thickness: 1.5/4/4/4/4/1.5 Oz
            Blue LPI solder mask
            White legend mark
            For power products





    8. Minit_OnePhase Big board 6 Layers Heavy Copper Printed Wiring Board from China pcb supplier

            Minit_OnePhase Big board 6 layers Heavy copper printed wiring board
            Material: FR4 Tg170
            Thickness: 2.8mm
            Panel size: 341*195mm
            Surface finished: Immersion Gold
            Copper thickness: 1.5/4/4/4/4/1.5 Oz
            Blue LPI solder mask
            White legend mark
            For power products





    9. Minit_Charger 6 Layers Heavy Copper PCB for power supply

    heavy-copper-PCB        Minit_charger 6 layers Heavy copper pcb for power
            Material: FR4 Tg170
            Thickness: 2.8mm
            Panel size: 143.27*109.41mm
            Surface finished: Immersion Gold
            Copper thickness: 1.5/4/4/4/4/1.5 Oz
            Blue LPI solder mask
            White legend mark
            For power products




    10. power supply ul 94vo pcb

            power supply ul 94vo pcb
            Material: FR4 Tg170
            Thickness: 2.00mm
            Three different boards in a panel
            Surface finished: Immersion Gold
            Copper thickness: 3/3/3/3 Oz
            Black LPI solder mask
            Buried via in L2~L3





  • Knowledge about Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process (1)







    The printed circuit board manufacturing process is a difficult and complex series of operations to make a printed circuit board. Hitechcircuits is a leading China PCB manufacturer, which supplies the premium quality High Density Interconnect PCB, Quick Turn PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High frequency PCB, Heavy copper PCB and Metal core PCB. Hitechcircuits' years of experience in manufacturing circuit boards has made us a preferred supplier of printed circuit boards for industry leading OEM's and Electronic Contract Manufacturers since 1999. Today, we are going to share our knowledge of the printed circuit board manufacturing process. We believe that by sharing it, you will not only see the importance of each step in the process, but also understand the steps we take to manufacture a printed circuit board better and how Hitechcircuits offers the best in quality, customer service and on time delivery for you.


    The Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process:

    The process starts once your files and specifications have been sent to Hitechcircuits. Our engineers review each order to ensure design for manufacturability and proper selection of materials and technologies before manufacturing begins.



    1. Patterning | Etching

    The majority of printed circuit boards are manufactured by applying a layer of copper over the entire surface of the circuit board substrate either on one side or both sides. This creates what is referred to as a blank printed circuit board, meaning the copper is everywhere on the surface. From here the unwanted areas are removed, this is called a subtractive method, the most common subtractive method is known as photoengraving.



    2. Photoengraving

    The photoengraving process uses a mask or photomask combined with chemical etching to subtract the copper areas from the circuit board substrate the photomask is created with a photoplotter which takes the design from a CAD PCB software program. Lower resolution photomasks are sometimes created with the use of a laser printer using a transparency.



    3. Lamination

    Many printed circuit boards are made up of multiple layers; these are referred to as multi-layer printed circuit boards. They consist of several thin etched boards or trace layers and are bonded together through the process of lamination.



    4. Drilling

    Each layer of the printed circuit board requires the ability of one layer to connect to another, this is achieved through drilling small holes called "VIAS". These drilled holes require precision placement and are most commonly done with the use of an automated drilling machine. Theses machines are driven by computer programs and files called numerically controlled drill or (NCD) files also referred to as excel files. These files determine the position and size of each file in the design.

    Some files require very small vias to be drilled which results in heavy wear and tear of the drill bit itself. Drilling through different substrates may require the drill bit to be made of tungsten carbide and are costlier than other materials but required to provide a proper hole.

    Controlled depth drilling can be used to drill just one layer of the circuit board rather than drilling through all the layers. This can be accomplished by drilling the individual sheets or layers of the PCB prior to lamination.

    Blind Vias: Is when the holes connect a layer to the outside surface

    Buried Vias: Is when the holes only connect interior layers and not to the outside surface.

    The walls of each hole (for multi-layer boards) are copper plated to form plated-through holes that connect the conductive layers of the printed circuit board.



    5. Solder Plating | Solder Resist

    Pads and lands which will require components to be mounted on are plated to allow solderability of the components. Bare copper is not readily solderable and requires the surface to be plated with a material that facilitates soldering. In the past a lead based tin was used to plate the surfaces, but with RoHS compliance enacted newer materials are being used such as nickel and gold to both offer solderability and comply with RoHS standards.

    Areas that should not be solderable are covered with a material to resist soldering. Solder resist refers the a polymer coating that acts as a mask and prevents solder from bridging traces and possibly creating short circuits to nearby component leads. 

    6. Silk Screen

    When visible information needs to be applied to the board such as company logos, part numbers or instructions, silk screening is used to apply the text to the outer surface of the circuit board. Where spacing allows, screened text can indicate component designators, switch setting requirements and additional features to assist in the assembly process.

    NOTE: "Red Print" refers to the silk screening of a one sided printed circuit board.



    7. Testing 

    Unpopulated circuit boards are subjected to a bare board test where each circuit connection (as defined in a netlist) is verified as correct on the finished circuit board. In high volume circuit board production, a bed of nails tester or fixture is used to make contact with the copper lands or holes on one or both sides of the board to facilitate testing. Computers are used to control the electrical testing unit to send a small current through each contact point on the bed of nails and verify that such current can be detected on the appropriate contact points.

    For small to medium volume production runs, a flying probe tester is used to check electrical contacts. These flying probes employ moving heads to make contact with the copper lands and holes to validate the electrical connectivity of the board being tested.



    More knowledge about our High Density Interconnect PCB, Quick Turn PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High frequency PCB, Heavy copper PCB and Metal core PCB, please visit



  • Manufacturer of Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB and Metal core PCB






    Hitech Circuits is an ISO 9001:2008 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in Guangdong, China. We specialize in providing Quick Turn PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High Density Interconnect PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Metal core PCB and PCB assembly. 


    As a China PCB manufacturer, we are specializing in PCB Manufacturing, PCB assembly and associated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) services. Hitech Circuits provides quick turn PCB assembly services for Printed Circuit Boards Prototype and low volume productions. We aim to exceed each customer’s expectations by providing exceptional Printed Circuit Boards Assembly and services while maximizing customer profits through sensitivity to cost of goods and elimination of field claims. 


    Hitech Circuits has experienced engineers, strict QC and advanced equipment are the reason that we as manufacturers of Heavy copperPCB are able to make outstanding products with competitive prices; and we offer prompt delivery too. Further more our flexible production system enable us produce both large and small quantity Heavy copper PCBs.


    Hitech Circuits is a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer producing high quality, low cost barebones PCB's and Prototype Printed Circuit Boards. Hitech Circuits manufactures PCB prototypes - Prototype Printed Circuit Boards. Hitech Circuits serves the PCB printed circuit board industry. We meet your PCB Prototypes and fabrication needs with 24-hour turnarounds and with the highest quality printed circuit boards.


    For more information please visit

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    Heavy Copper PCB



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  • Polyimide PCB Material Information (Fr4 vs. Polyamide PCB)

    If you’re not sure whether or not polyimide/polyamide PCBs may be right for you, read on to learn about the properties of these boards and how they can affect your applications.

  • Take Advantage of Heavy Copper PCB: Read These 10 Tips

    1.    Used on the internal and external layers of a printed circuit board, Heavy copper PCB is accepted if it the copper is 3 ounces ft2 to 10 oz per ft2 in the outer and inner layers.

    2.    Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a combination of processes that allows extreme copper thickness requirements to become efficient and cost effective. This process uses heavy base copper that delivers consistent and reliable high power circuits.