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China PCB Manufacturer,PCB Fabrication& Production in China

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, which is our major business. I think you already know, we are a PCB manufacturer. We have 2 branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototypes Manufacturing, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board and FPC Manufacturing services. Our market target is the High Multilayer circuit, High Density board, Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. Our company profile as below shown.



May of 1997

No. of Employees: 

150 (Shenzhen)



Plant Area: 

3,000 sq. m (Shenzhen)


80,000 sq. m (DongGuan)

Production Capacity: 

100,000 sq. m. (per month)

Product Type: 

Rigid PCB (1~38 layers)----45%


Flexible and Rigid-flex PCB (2~16 layers)---15%


High Density Interconnection/HDI PCB (4~16 layers)---18%


Aluminum-based PCB/ Metal core pcb (1~4 layers)—18%


Copper-based PCB(1-2 Layers)—2%


High frequency material PCB like Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Polyimide etc---2%

Market Positioning: 

Small volume PCB & Flexible pcb and Rigid-Flexible (Shenzhen)


 Volume rigid PCB & HDI (DongGuan)


ISO9001:2008 (No.)


UL (File No.E354070


ISO140012004 (No.) . 


SGS Rohs certification

Marketing Achievement: 

North America--20%




Australia and some Asia-Pacific countries-15%




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