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Printed circuit board assembly & PCB assembly Manufacturer

Pcb Assembly:
Printed-circuit-board-assemblyHitechpcb's roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Today, we support high and low-mix PCB and backplane assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in volume production.
Assembly Service
SMT Line:
Fuji and Siemens IC Mounter SMT,
Final Assembly E-Test
SMT Line Workshop

Hitechpcb integrates quality ISO certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consumer electronic products. From product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging, Hitechpcb’s SMT lines utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry including:

Quick-turn-pcb-assemblyFlip Chip Technologies
0201 Technology
Lead-Free Solder Technology
Alternative PCB Finishes
Early supplier involvement
Design and engineering support
PCB and PCB assembly
Backplane assembly
Memory and optical modules
Cable and harness assembly
Plastic injection molding
Precision machining
Integration of hardware and software
BTO and CTO services according to your needs
Reliability testing
Lean and Six Sigma quality processes


1. high quality SMT PCBA electronics PCB assembly service manufacturer

6Layer Rigid PCB 
material: FR4 Tg170
Finish thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 1/1/1/1/1/1 Oz
Minimum width/spacing: 0.10/0.10mm
Minimum via diameter: 0.25mm
Surface finish: Immersion gold
Controlled Impedance
Solder mask: Green
Legend: White
Delivery time: 3~4 weeks (PWB + PCBA )

2. OEM washing machine pcb board PCBA assembly

2Layer Rigid PCB 
material: FR4 Tg135
Finish thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 2/2 Oz
Minimum width/spacing: 0.20/0.20mm
Minimum via diameter: 0.40mm
Surface finish: HASL LF
Solder mask: Green
Legend: White
OEM generation material